Thursday, March 2, 2017

Green Plants, Healing, and Hospital Recovery Times

Nature’s relaxing effect on the mind has been well-documented, as well as its positive impact on overall feelings of wellbeing. However, the power of plants extends farther than many people realize. Studies show that having green plants in hospital rooms even speeds up recovery time for surgical patients and reduces the need for pharmaceutical painkillers. Outdoor healing gardens at hospitals have also made a comeback in recent years, as more and more research concludes that their benefits extend beyond simple beauty to physical and mental benefits.

Science behind the healing power of plants

Hospital environments can be stressful and unnatural to our body’s natural rhythms. Uninterrupted sleep, lack of privacy, regimented meals, and of course, feeling under the weather take their toll by causing not only physical stress, but anxiety and fear. Green plants have a naturally calming effect. In 2008, researchers at Kansas State University found that surgical patients who had plants in their recovery rooms reported greater satisfaction with their rooms, less painkiller usage, and lower blood pressure and heart rates. The plants had such a positive impact on patient perception that they reported greater happiness with the plants than any other feature in their room, even the television!

Cut flowers versus potted plants

Although cut flowers also enhance the hospital room experience, green and potted plants have the added benefit of providing air purification as well as horticultural therapy, which allows post-surgical patients to help care for plants themselves as they recover. Engagement and responsibility through live plant care takes the patient’s mind off pain or anxiety as well as motivates them to move around their rooms, not due to coercion or pressure, but due to interest and enjoyment.

Benefits of healing gardens

The power of greenery can go far beyond individual patient rooms. Studies show that even patients who have a view of greenery out their windows heal faster. Healing gardens at hospitals help adult and child patients alike find respite from the emotional fatigue, stress, and unnatural stimuli of the hospital environment. Hospital staff also report that gardens give them a restorative break and sense of wellbeing, allowing them to “recharge and refresh” before the see more patients.

The health effects of green plants are not limited to surgical patients, but can also help boost memory and learning, reduce stress, and enhance positive mood and thinking. For more information, see here.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Rose Colors and Their Meanings

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," William Shakespeare famously penned in Romeo and Juliet. But a rose of any color contains a deeper message than just a beautiful flower with a prized scent. Rose bouquets can express their sender’s feelings and intentions simply by their color. Next time you send a bouquet to someone you love, this guide can help you add another dimension of beauty and symbolism to your gift.   

Thinking beyond red

While red roses are widely known as a symbol of romantic love and Valentine’s Day, don’t assume all women prefer a bouquet solely made up of red roses. In fact, studies as well as florists typically claim that over half of women prefer pastel or softer-colored roses to the classic deep red. If you truly want to impress your recipient with a unique arrangement, you can go with a mixed bouquet of any of the colors below--or, make a bold statement by just choosing a bouquet of a single color.

  • Pink: Pink roses have a classical, sweet look and are associated with grace, elegance, gratitude, and happiness.
  • Lavender: Lavender roses are said to convey “enchantment.” Lavender makes a perfect choice to express falling in love with someone at first sight, and a bold, unique statement of devotion.   
  • White: White roses were traditionally the bridal rose, and were associated with true love before the red rose became the more popular symbol of romantic love. Today, white roses are still used to convey feelings of innocence, purity, and reverence.
  • Yellow: Most people know the yellow rose as a symbol of friendship and platonic love. The color yellow has long been associated with happiness and joy, which also makes yellow roses a popular choice to send someone in need of cheering up or getting well.
  • Orange: The vibrant color orange symbolizes energy. In roses, this energy often expresses both desire and enthusiasm for the relationship or recipient.
  • Peach: Peach roses have gained in popularity due to their beauty, charm, and elegance. Luckily, their versatility in meaning also makes them a practical choice for expressing thanks, appreciation, sincerity, and friendliness. They are also sometimes said to symbolize modesty.  
  • Red: Red roses are, of course, a timeless and classic way to say “I love you,” as well as express deep romance and beauty. A solid bouquet of red roses has long been a popular choice for expressing love, but adding a few red roses to a multi-colored rose bouquet will also send the same message.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Floral Inspiration for New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made up your mind about your New Year’s Resolution? Sometimes inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. The holidays bring with them a variety of floral arrangements.  Over the centuries, different plants have become symbolic of particular ideas. How will holiday flora inspire your New Year’s resolution?

Evergreen & Holly: Break the Unhealthy Habit
With their literal “ever green” boughs, evergreens have been a symbol for life, as well as warding off evil. Holly has similar symbolism in Celtic, Roman, and Christian cultures.
  • Cut out an unhealthy food or beverage you reach for a little too often
  • Quit smoking
  • Commit to a routine of exercise to ward off future health hazards

Ivy: Strengthen Friendships
To Celtic cultures, the interwoven twines of ivy symbolized the complex connections of friendships across a lifetime.
  • Make a list of friends you care about, but have lost touch with.  Go beyond simply “liking” photos - commit to one phone call or shared cup of coffee every two weeks until you’ve made it through the list!
  • Resurrect the art of letter-writing!  Write one letter a month to a long-time friend, affirming their strengths and sharing what you’re grateful for in your friendship.
  • For that extra special touch, Carousel Flowers offers a wide variety of bouquets to remind your friends just how special they are to you!

Cranberries: Build Peaceful Communities
This holiday staple is native to the Americas. Many Native American tribes not only ate cranberries, but used them in medicines for a variety of ailments. To the Delaware tribes of modern day New Jersey, the fruit symbolized peace.
  • Consider a relationship within your family or local community that is difficult for you. Commit to doing one out-of-the-ordinary kind thing for this person each month.
  • Do you know your neighbors? Neighborhoods with strong bonds between residents are often safer.  Host a monthly neighborhood potluck at your home!

Pomegranate: Challenge Your Mind
The pomegranate fruit dates back to the ancient Mediterranean and symbolizes prosperity, learning, and wisdom.
  • Make your web browser’s home page a news website. Read a few articles before going elsewhere.
  • Set a reading goal, like one book a month or twenty minutes each night.

We never know what the New Year will hold. Carousel Flowers offers bouquets for any occasion that comes your way.  Browse our selection online at or contact us to learn more!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Using Flowers to Celebrate the Holiday Season

With spring a long ways off, and the ground blanketed by snow, blooming flowers may seem like a far-away dream. However, even in midwinter, using flowers in your holiday decor brings a fresh charm and beauty to more traditional, static holiday decorating. Fresh flower arrangements and floral decor also provide a wonderful way to express your creative side, at a time when friends, family, and other guests visit your home. Flower arrangements and centerpieces also make a visually-stunning gift to brighten up any home this holiday season.

Here are just a few ideas for foliage, flowers, and ornamentation to incorporate in holiday floral arrangements:

 *   Holly branches/mistletoe

 *   Red berries

 *   Evergreen branches, such as pine and fir

 *   Poinsettias--red or white

 *   Pinecones

 *   Ivy or other green vines

 *   Gold, silver, white, green, or red balls

 *   Bursts of pink, white, or red within in arrangement, such as a stunning lily

 *   Dried fruit ornaments--think luscious golden or red pears and apples, or even a pomegranate

 *   Festive bows and candles

 *   A vase in a seasonal color or theme, such as one decorated as a present, tree ornament, or this DIY candy cane vase:

 *   White floral arrangements that evoke snow or winter scenes, such as white roses, orchids, and lilies

 *   Accents of ferns and baby’s breath to create a dreamy, wintery scene

To see examples of holiday arrangements, visit Carousel Floral Gifts and Garden’s website! We have samples of our beautiful selection of winter<>, Christmas<>, and Hanukkah<> arrangements online.

Flowers are a timeless, colorful, and unique way to express yourself, as well as bring out some of your favorite aspects of the holiday season. Use vibrant red poinsettias to evoke thoughts of the more traditional and elegant aspects of Christmas, or evergreen branches with a spray of white flowers to highlight winter’s natural beauty. The ideas are endless--do you have a favorite holiday arrangement? Let us know!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Enjoy One of Nature’s Greatest Gifts this Holiday Season

Envision this: Decadent shades of crimson and gold, cinnamon and pine. These shades encompass all that is the warmth of the up and coming holiday season. The atmosphere which you create in your home has a direct impact on the behavior of the people within it. Colors, in particular, have been shown through studies to impact moods. This is why many therapist offices will decorate in various shades of greens – A color proven to recharge, relax and bring balance to one’s psyche – While bright red sports cars cost more to insure, due to the fact that human reaction time becomes more instinctive, forceful and less analytical when they view this color.

Flowers have long been regarded as a highly effective mood enhancer, both through their vibrant colors and aromatic scents. With the holidays right around the corner, you may be starting to see grand displays of lights and decorations appearing throughout your neighborhood and may be thinking about what sort of decorations you should put in your own yard. Have you given any thought, however, to how you would like to decorate the inside of your home?

Many people wait until Spring to adorn their home with flowers because they represent new growth and vitality; however, flowers can make a stunning addition to your holiday decorations. Rich, warmly colored flowers can promote communication, energy and excitement. Colors like red possess the ability to subtly increase one’s heart rate, keeping one warmer through the chilly winter season.

Not only do the color of flowers have the subconscious power of impacting mood, but their delicate and aesthetic makeup promotes feelings of joy and appreciation. A study conducted by Rutger’s University in New Jersey found that flowers possess both an immediate impact on happiness as well as a positive long-term effect on mood. The study also found that flowers help make more intimate connections with family and friends. Perhaps this is why flowers have not only been a prominent centerpiece in art, but also an indicator of love and a gift for those who are healing.

Consider, therefore, the refined yet intense impact that a stunning arrangement of flowers could have on your home this holiday season! Warmly colored arrangements will complete your holiday ensemble, both as both a garnish and a centerpiece. A spectacular and lively addition to any theme, a variety of arrangements can be purchased through your local florist or online through websites such as Let your home be a garden of love and gratitude this season through one of nature’s greatest gifts: the flower.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to Create the Perfect Fall Bouquet

Fall is upon us here in Rochester, Minnesota. With it comes crisp cool air and beautiful fall colors. The autumn season is short and often makes us long to wrap up all the beauty and bring it indoors to enjoy all year long. Flowers are the perfect way to do just that! By choosing the right color and flower combinations, you can create a beautiful fall themed floral masterpiece. Here are several great fall flower choices to consider.

·         Asiatic Lilies – Bold and beautiful colors and hearty blooms are the mainstay of this lily variation. Choose from a variety of colors including rich reds and rust tones that are perfect for a fall bouquet. Best of all, this variety of lily is fragrance free making it a great option to pair with other flower selections.
·         Circus Rose – The Circus Rose is bold and vibrant and encapsulates the colors of autumn perfectly. It is a bi-color rose variety that is a combination of a yellow rose with red highlights on the edge of its petals. It has a large head and blooms into an amazing star shape. It is perfect for a fall centerpiece.
·         Sunflowers – Sunflowers are always a fall favorite. Cheerful and bold, they come in a variety of harvest colors, from bright yellow to orange, rust and gold tones.  Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of bloom sizes. These sunny fall flowers are a favorite choice for a fall weddings or an arrangement on a dining room sideboard.
·         Yarrow – This dainty yellow flower is the perfect accent filler for a bouquet or floral arrangement. The compact floral clusters add texture and interest to your fall arrangements.
·         Chrysanthemums – Mums are a staple of fall flowerbeds. They come in a wide array of vibrant fall colors and are beautiful as a potted plant, in a garden or a fall flower arrangement. They have compact heads and can consist of a few large blooms or several smaller flowers depending upon the variety. They start flowering in early in fall and can bloom until the first frost. They are also known as a favorite flower for the month of November.

Are you looking for a fall flower arrangement for your home? Contact the professional florists at Carousel Floral, Gift and Garden Center to find everything you need!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Caring For Potted Plants

Potted plants are a great way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the comfort of your own home! Unlike garden plants, potted plants last year round and need very little labor to flourish.  Not only can they bring new life to your indoor space, but houseplants can also bring much needed feng shui to your interior decor.  Are you ready to enhance your home with a potted plant?  Here are some tips for keeping your indoor houseplants thriving for years to come!

Choose The Right Plant
Consider your space.  Is your designated area full of light or shade?  Dry or moist air?  Every plant is different and has unique requirements to flourish.  If you’re looking for a plant with little upkeep, try a Cactus, English Ivy or Peace Lily.  If you have the perfect space with plenty of natural sunlight, Blooming Chrysanthemums or Pink Azaleas are the flowers for you!

Watering The Right Amount
Water and drainage is key in the success of potted plants.  While too little water will dry plants out, too much water can also be fatal.  We recommend you water plants in the morning with outdoor tap water.  Depending on your plant, the amount you need to water will vary.  A great rule of thumb is to water less often but more deeply than to water light, frequent waterings.

Plants Need Repotting 
As your houseplant grows larger, roots will likely start to outgrow the pot.  Don’t wait for your plant to overcrowd!  See if the roots are coming through the drain hole and prepare to repot in a larger pot.  If you’re not sure when to repot, check the plant every 1 to 2 years.

At Carousel Floral Gifts & Garden, we offer a number of potted plants that are already blooming.  Many of our blooming plants can be kept in their original container in the comfort of your own home or planted in an outdoor garden.  From fresh florals to decorative green plants, visit Carousel Floral Gifts & Garden today to find the perfect potted plant for your home!